Easily my favorite of the bunch

YES! Badu tribute. Was once a dream. Now it is reality.

Stream the full project here

This movie made such an impression on a younger me…

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Do people vote so that they can join the “voter” gang, and then bully and push around the morally inferior “non-voter” gang? 

People voted for change and instead got an i.o.u.

…and now for something a little different.

Red Planet

‎”It doesn’t matter how big things can be in terms of our comprehension of scale, they are still tiny in relation to something much larger…”


Another teaser from Red Planet’s upcoming Badu tribute….

Didn’t cha!? (“I, AmErykah”, a Badu tribute) *teaser*

Oh!!!! This is really interesting and doooooope! Looking forward to the drop….

High Maintenance

Homeless Heidi!!! I know I said the previous ep I posted was my fave….but I think I lied. This is it right here. I’ve already watched it several times. You should too. If you want to laugh…

High Maintenance // Stevie from Ben Sinclair on Vimeo.

High Maintenance 

This show is brilliantly hilarious! I think it’ll be huge. This is my favorite ep….

Reblogging because I’m STILL bumping this. Maybe you can bump along too…

…the guitar at the end tho

free download

The things we need most……..are the most expensive
Red Planet


Traditional Art: “Sensazioni” by *DiegoKoi http://bit.ly/Ttgn7q 

Pencil on paper 

WIP: http://bit.ly/QOrMZ8

I’m having trouble suspending my disbelief…..so incredible

Did you know…..that you basically have to be kind of insane to sit at a computer for hours and days on end just to create music. It’s the most satisfying, maddening, exhausting, important, pointless, painful, beautiful, fun activity…EVER. And after all is said and done, trying to get people to listen and actually care is a further step into full blown insanity.

So check out Red Planet’s latest unsure step into the abyss of psychological dispair….


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